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Terms & Conditions

VIEW N ME Terms & Conditions

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The View N Me Privacy Policy

  1. Intro

    This Privacy Policy describes the practices and procedures of Reel View, LLC (“Company”) with respect to its collection, use, storage and disclosure of personal information provided to it from You and other users of http://www.viewnme.com/ (“Website”) and all services offered by the Company. This Privacy Policy forms an integral and material part of the Company’s Term of Use Agreement, which is incorporated herein by reference. Any capitalized term or phrase used but not defined herein will have the meaning prescribed to it in the Term of Use Agreement.

    The Company, in providing You and its other users with its Services, strives to protect and uphold your and each user’s right to privacy as recognized by applicable laws. The Company understands how important it is to protect one’s personal information and seeks to ensure that its users are safe and secure when using the Services. In this light, the Company has developed this Privacy Policy to help explain its practices and procedures for collection, use, storage and disclosure of your personal information.

    The Company will only collect, use, store or disclose Personal Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy, as amended, and applicable laws.

  2. Definitions

    1. Personal Information: Identifiable information of an individual, including without limitation name, age, address, height, birth date, social security number, telephone number, gender, income, e-mail address, photographs, live-streams and education.
    2. Non-Personal Information: Information that does not identify a particular individual, such as without limitation device, browser, referring url, summary of user information, Cookies, number of visits and location of users.
  3. Information the Company Collects

    The Company collects information in order to provide You and other users better and more efficient services. The Company collects two (2) types of information: Personal Information; and Non-Personal Information.

  4. Information You Share

    By agreeing to the Agreement and registering for the Services, You agree to provide the Company with certain Personal Information, such as your name, e-mail address, telephone number and credit card information if You agree to a Subscription Plan and Non-Personal Information, such as your browser, your device, referring url and your interaction with advertisements and the Services. In order to take full advantage of the Services and features of the Website, You may be asked to create a public profile, which may include other Personal Information which you choose to provide and publish to the public. Furthermore, many features of the Services allow You to share Personal Information with other users, including without limitation live-streaming. Please be advised that when you share information publicly, it may be used or indexed by others, outside the control or responsibility of the Company.

  5. Request for Access to and Correction of Personal Information

    Pursuant to applicable laws and Company policy, You have the right to access and/or request the correction of errors or omission in your Personal Information that is in the Company’s possession or under its control. This right cannot be assigned or transferred and does not extend to other individuals, unless otherwise authorized by law. If access or corrections cannot be provided, the Company will notify You within thirty (30) days of the date of determination of the reasons why the request cannot be honored.

  6. VI. How the Company Uses the Information Collected

    Generally, the Company uses the information it collects from all of its services to provide, maintain, protect and improve upon its products and services, to develop new products and services and to protect You and other users.

    The Company may use your Personal Information for a number of different business purposes related to the purpose of the Term of Use Agreement, including without limitation: (1) creation and display of your profile to other users; (2) show other users when You have visited their profiles; (3) compare your profile to another user’s profile for the purposes of determining compatibility; (4) provide customer support; (5) internal surveys for the purposes of improving the Services; (6) notification of changes to the Services or Agreement; (7) measure and assess the effectiveness of the Website; (8) deter fraud or other illegal activity; (9) determine eligibility; and/or (10) other purposes consistent with the Term of Use Agreement.

    When You contact the Company, the Company may keep a record of your communication to help solve any issue You may be facing. The Company may also contact You via your e-mail address to notify You of any changes to the Services, Website or the Term of Use Agreement.

    The Company also uses information collected from Cookies and other technology in order to improve the level of services provided to You and other users.

    The Company does not and will not use any information collected for a purpose inconsistent with the Term of Use Agreement and this Privacy Policy.

  7. Information the Company Shares

    The Company does not share Personal Information with companies, organizations and individuals outside of the Company, its corporate affiliates or subsidiaries, unless one of the following circumstances apply: (1) your consent; (2) with domain administrators and service providers of the Company’s Service; (3) external processing in compliance with this Privacy Policy; (4) billing; and (5) for legal reasons. The Company, however, does not and will not sell or license any Personal Information to any individual or entity.

  8. Consent

    The Company will collect, use, store or disclose Personal Information only with your knowledge and consent, except where required or permitted by applicable law. By accepting the Agreement and providing Personal Information as part of your use of the Services, you consent to the use of your Personal Information as identified in this Privacy Policy and as may be further identified at the time of collection.

    There may be occasion when you will be asked to give your express consent to the Company’s collection, use, storage or disclosure of Personal Information. You are free to decline or withhold your consent, but please note your withholding of consent may affect your ability to use and enjoy the Services.

    Your use of the Services also provides your implied consent to the Company’s collection, use, storage or disclosure of Personal Information. You hereby agree and acknowledge that the Company may reasonably rely on your actions in this regard. By providing the Company with Personal Information through your use of the Services, you implicitly authorize the Company to publish that information for other users to view and access.

    You may at any time notify the Company that You wish to withdraw or change your consent to the Company’s collection, use, storage or disclosure of your Personal Information. The Company will attempt to accommodate your request subject to any legal and contractual restrictions. Please be advised that your withdrawal of consent may affect your ability to use or access the Services.

  9. Security

    The Company utilizes appropriate and current security safeguards and procedures to protect your and other user’s Personal Information against unauthorized access, disclosure or misuse and to prevent or reduce the chances of inadvertent dissemination.

  10. Enforcement

    It is one of the Company’s highest priorities to fully comply with its Privacy Policy. If and when a formal complaint is lodged with the Company concerning an alleged breach of the Privacy Policy, the Company will contact the person filing the complaint to investigate and resolve the allegations. The Company promises to work with the appropriate regulatory authorities when necessary.

  11. Changes

    The Company reserves the right to alter, amend, change or revise the Privacy Policy, with or without notification to You. The Company, however, will not reduce your rights under this Privacy Right without first providing notice via the Website and a comment period to last thirty (30) days from the date of notice.